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TechCrunch Mobile Barcelona 2013

Hashtag: #TCMB

Barcelona is coming alive with preparations for Mobile World Congress and we are pumped about the super international TechCrunch Mobile Barcelona meetup. and Wayra are delighted to be welcoming Mike and the TechCrunch team back to Barcelona. 

Updated Agenda:

6:00-6:30pm - Registration (don’t be late)

6:30pm - Welcome

6:35pm - Keynote Speaker: Michael Jackson, Former COO of Skype, Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners

"Skype’s mobile past and the mobile future"

7:00pm - Mobile Panel

  • Moderator TechCrunch - Kim-Mai Cutler 
  • Sync.Me -  Ken Vinner, Co Founder 
  • SwiftKey - Joe Braidwood, CMO
  • Yandex - Vassili Filipov, Mobile Product Distribution

7:25 pm - VC PANEL 

  • Moderator TechCrunch - Ingrid Lunden
  • Mangrove Capital Partners - Michael Jackson  
  • Nauta Capital - Oriol Juncosa
  • DFJ Esprit - Krishna Visvanathan

8pm Pitching Comp - 2 mins pitch

8 teams selected fromt the below shortlisted group. All the companies below will go through a closed session where they meet the VCs and TechCrunch to get screened.

Mike Butcher, TechCrunch, VC’s and Wayra pick winner of the event.

8:45pm  Networking with food/drinks.


Where: Torre Telefónica Diagonal 00 (Plaza de Ernest Lluch i Martín, 5, 08019 Barcelona)
When: Wednesday 27 February afternoon/evening

Shortlisted Companies:


We are in the process of creating a network of full HD cams around the most popular surfing, windsurfing and beach going venues around Europe. We provide with real time weather reporting. 

We´ve build a social layer and a whatsApp like comunicator that works on all of our platform. We are free for the user and we monetize through subscription fees to specific services, we also have advertising inventory and a local ecosystem of business that are potential advertisers around our cams.

OpenSignal - London

The OpenSignal app helps users get better signal on their mobile phone through a suite of tools including the ability to see the direction of better cell signal in real time and the location of  nearby free Wi-Fi hotspots. The app also crowd-sources data on the performance and coverage of the network so we can build unbiased and accurate cellular coverage maps.  Consumers can use this information when considering a new cell phone plan, to ensure they are on the network offering the best coverage in their area.

Tellyo - Helsinki

Tellyo allows social sharing of moments from TV shows so people can discover interesting programs and TV stations can reach new audiences. Constantly increasing number of TV programs makes it difficult to TV stations to reach new audiences, and to viewers to find interesting programs to watch.

BugSense - Athens

BugSense is on a mission to set the quality standard for mobile apps. Analyzing 1 billion metrics each month across various platforms, BugSense provides more than 13,000 developers globally with app performance reports that help developers identify issues and create better mobile app experiences. BugSense solution has the largest distribution in the industry according to AppBrain.

BePark - Belgium

Be Park stems from the idea that parking spaces in cities are underused. At Be Park, we have developed an innovative solution based on the latest mobile and web technologies. Be Park technology handles the entire logistics management of the parking lot at the parking users’ end and providers’ end. The parking user can localise access general information (price, availability, pictures, etc), open the door/barrier of the parking and pay through its cell phone (call, sms or SmartPhone App). The parking provider can join BePark parking network without any investment. BePark will then manage entries/exits, payments, sales and reporting in exchange of a revenue share. 

AudioSnaps - Barcelona 

AudioSnaps takes pictures and simultaneously captures the surrounding sound and packs it all together in a standard JPEG file (patent pending). It’s as easy as any photo app and doesn’t require any extra steps. Resulting AudioSnaps can be shared in any site and don’t require a player. The result are pictures accompanied of 5 seconds of sound that better represent the moment when they were taken and enhance the transfer of emotions.

Shpock - Vienna

Shpock (“SHop in your POCKet”) is a mobile flea market app for beautiful things and is available on iPhone and Android since 4 months. Shpock enables users to rummage through thousands of products (picture based) in their neighbourhood (products sorted by location), discover and sell things like your old playstation, your favourite shirt, which became too tight, or your unique, but not matching the other furniture, designer-couch.

Bizzcall - Madrid

We are serial entrepreneurs with a strong international business development background and vast experience in building digital platforms. We cofounded Lextrend five years ago. Lextrend develops on-demand agile software products for companies. Today Lextrend is a trusted developer for corporate mainstays.

Bizzcall is an application that allows the use of one phone for both business and personal calls. Bizzcall doesn’t use VoiP, we are the first to work with the employees’ own mobile contract to ensure quality service and fair reimbursement.

Pockets United - Munich

BAM! ‘Social’ is the next big thing in mobile payments, and has already triggered the disruption of many industries: With Pockets United Mobile Payment will be next! The app allows friends to split costs on the go, by automatically cross-balancing open debts, and managing paybacks at the end of each month. Peer pressure and social scoring alogorithms ensure a high payment morale. While far from easy to implement for existing PSPs or banks, a category killer in this field must be social by design. Think of us as PayPal, just with a lot more pal and get excited about a cutting-edge user experience that is fun to use day after day. Cause after all, dividing expenses should lower the burden for all, not cause additional effort for some.

Appscend - Romania

Appscend is the world’s first performance oriented mobile application platform. Specifically Appscend reunites under one unified cloud based infrastructure the fastest cross-platform development technology available today, together with a complete mix of backend technologies that ensure application management, a powerful push messaging platform as well as app analytics.

Vilynx - Barcelona & Menlo Park

Vilynx helps you gain control of managing your precious family memories. It allows you to access your videos across multiple devices. Our revolutionary 5-second thumbnail summary makes browsing, searching and sharing fast and easy. Your videos are uploaded automatically to your cloud storage solution of choice (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube). You’ll not have to worry about losing a video again. The social network element of Vilynx provides users with an easy-to-use interface to share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email or within Vilynx.

PixelPin Ltd - London

People remember images better than words. Scientists call it the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE). PixelPin uses PSE so you never have to remember a password again. Weak passwords expose the user to the risk of fraud whilst complex ones puts them off using the service. PixelPin is more secure than PINs and passwords, eliminates phishing and encourages users to return. There are real advantages when you use a no-keyboard mobile/smart device as it’s a lot quicker to login than with alphanumeric passwords and makes the authentication process very quick and easy for users. PixelPin is a unique product that allows users to authenticate themselves securely without the need to for additional hardware or accept the risks of using biometrics, without  the associated privacy and storage costs of these technologies. PixelPin’s mission is to bring a new breed of mobile authentication products to market that are easy to use, memorable, secure and accessible to all.

PASSNFLY - Barcelona

PASSNFLY is an automated multi-airline check-in solution. The easiest way to automate your check-ins. Automatically detects flights, across more than 200 major airlines worldwide. Even with no Internet connection, PASSNFLY will do it all for you, and process your flight check-ins 24/7, automatically. Wherever you are in the world! - San Francisco

Linkedin + Lunch = LetsLunch. WE connect you with interesting professionals to go out for lunch.

List of investors thus far:

  • Balderton Capital
  • Mangrove Capital Partners
  • Active Venture Partners
  • Nauta Capital
  • StartupBootCamp
  • Caixa Capital Risc
  • Inveready


We are looking to release more soon, however none available right now.

Main event: 6:30pm Wednesday, 27th of February.

Networking: 9pm onwards with drinks / finger food.

Address: Plaza Ernest Lluch i Martí nº 5, Telefonica Tower.

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