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Barcelona Rock (Robot) Stars take on JayZ & Apple

Robot Media

Following on from our recent post about those who are going to be flying the flag internationally this year for the Barcelona Tech Scene, we are profiling today Robot Media

This week Robot Media, for a second time, won the App Comics/Graphic Novels innovation award during the Digital Book World Conference in New York. Some of the other winners across different categories were stars like Jay-Z, as well as international publishing powerhouses Penguin, Random House, Hachette & Simon & Schuster. 

Robot Media, founded by Hermés Piqué, has already had over 2 000 000 download of their various apps in the past. Currently they are focused on automating the process of creating Interactive Childrens books for all major devices. They will launch this service into Beta soon. Robot Media were one of the first companies to join the Seedcamp portfolio from Spain. 

This week Robot Media launched their new website where you can learn a little more about what they do. 

Piqué, also gave us a little more detail about what is happening Robot Media.

> What are your plans are for 2012?

In 2012 we start making “Storytelling for everyone” a reality by opening the closed beta of Little Robot Storybuilder. With Storybuilder anyone can create a memorable children’s book for iPad, Android or the web. And that’s just stage 1. When we introduce collaboration and content creation into the mix it’ll get really really interesting. 

> Apple last week announced their new iBooks software. What are your thoughts about the Apple announcement?

We can’t thank Apple enough for validating the interactive book market, while they are also attempting to make it a walled garden. Luckily for us our approach couldn’t be more different and open.

> Are you recruiting?

We’d ♥ to meet anyone who wants to shape the future of storytelling and lives & breathe mobile and the latests platforms. If it also happens to be a top-notch Mac OS X Developer, they can start working tomorrow in one of the coolest workplaces of Barcelona. ;)

Check out their website for more info about Jobs.

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