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ProductHunt Barcelona Meetup


Welcome back from the summer holidays people. We hope you either hand a great break or productive summer progress on your company. 

To celebrate the return, we thought it was time to have some beers and talk tech. In this case we are hosting ProductHunt Barcelona meet-up, having some drinks at The Top (bar of the Gallet Hotel), bringing together some of the local community of founders and tech types that love to talk product. 

For those not familiar with ProductHunt, it is a great tool & community to get initial exposure and feedback around your product. So also great if you are looking for new product managers, or wanting feedback around your latest product. 

We will be having a few pitches from people with newly created product as well. So a great chance for you to get people in BCN aware of what you have been working on.

Also - there is a pool there if you with to pitch in your swimming costume, that can be accommodated. 

More info and RSVP.

There will be some more events organised by APIUX, JobFluent and as the year progresses.

Highly recommended event: WeNode! in Barcelona

The following event is happening in Barcelona in October if you are into Node.js. 


Node.js® is a platform, built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js is a great platform for boostrapping products or scaling existing ones.

WeNode is a one-day, not-for-profit conference in Barcelona about node.js, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies. The event is organised by BarcelonaJS, the local JavaScript community. Node.js is the latest trend in web technologies and the fastest growing developer ecosystem right now. No matter if you’re already an expert or if you are completely new to the topic, “we node” and we’d like to invite you to node with us.

WeNode will run on two tracks, covering topics from beginner to expert levels, accompanied by workshops to consolidate knowledge and experience with node.js. From the MEAN stack to serving 50.000 requests per seconds, we’ll take a dive into node.js.

We invite you to join us at WeNode and learn, network and share experience with fellow node.js developers and enthusiasts.

Startup Volleyball 2014 wrap-up


The 2nd ever Startup Volleyball has a winner: Barcinno, for the second year in a row! Check them out celebrating, plus more photos of the event here.

This is an event that wouldn’t be possible in any other startup hub. It’s very Barcelona, and we’re psyched that we had such a great turnout during August, even after having to change the original date.

Barcinno took the 3scale Cup again after a very tight final with Bax & Willems (some of whom played last year as Barcinno, which kind of explains it). 3rd and 4th went to newcomers myTaste and Devex respectively. Congratulations to all the teams for giving it their all and keeping it fun!

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the sponsorship of 3scale and the help of Diane Strutner. And of course without all the players and spectators who left their office early to have an afternoon of volleyball and drinks at the beach. Thank you for being part of our little startup tournament and see you next year!

Social Point Raises $30M in a Round Led by Highland Capital Partners Europe

Scytl take another 15M this time from SAP ventures (Spanish)

First it was Microsoft and now SAP. Funds related to both technology multinationals have invested three months apart in the Catalan company Scytl electronic voting.

SAP Ventures has injected 15 million euros in the company and with this investment Scytl already accumulated 45 million euros of private funding so far this year, in April after entering its shareholders Vulcan Capital, fund Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

RealPage Acquires Kigo, Based in Barcelona, Spain

$32M Acquisition of Kigo, who were based in Barcelona. 

Congrats to Shawn, Vedad and the team.

RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ: RP ), a leading provider of on-demand property management software, announces the acquisition of Kigo , a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vacation rental booking and channel management system headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. In January, RealPage acquired InstaManager, a similar vacation rental booking system headquartered in the U.S. With the acquisition of Kigo, RealPage further extends its vacation rental booking system internationally.

TOMORROW: Barcelona Startup Job Fair #5 with JobFluent

We are excited to be having the largest Startup Job Fair in Barcelona again tomorrow with JobFluent.

Companies - SOLD OUT. We have no more space for companies wishing to attend! All full. We have over 32 companies in attendance.

Talent - We have a few slots left for talent searching for their next dream role in a startup or high growth company. 

The event is aimed at Software development, Data Scientists, Engineers, QA/Testing, Design, Product, Marketing talent.

So come along if you fit those roles. To grab some of the last tickets (and free beer from Moritz)…. sign up here.

We hope to see you there.

Monthly Wrap - 7th Edition - April 2014

We hope you have time to read this Monthly Wrap in between all of the amazing events happening this week as part of Fest-Up! Barcelona Startup Festival. 45 events in 12 venues. Great work guys. More info here>


And as if that wasnt enough, Jobfluent are back with the 5th Edition of the amazeballs Barcelona Startup Job Fair on 21 May. More info here>


AND BarcelonaJS are having a one day conference on the JavaScript mobile revolution. There will be talks, workshops and test devices. Registration is free though they are looking for another sponsor. More info here>

As always send your news to



€30m votes for Scytl

Scytl have been quietly enhancing their reputation for bringing serious, secure technology to voting and election reporting and have received a significant vote of confidence from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who has invested €30m via Vulcan Capital.  Back in October we reported that Scytl would be providing official election night reporting for the European Parliamentary elections coming up later this month. More info here>

€2.6m per hour!

One of the strongest aspects of the startup scene here in Barcelona is the Travel and Tourism sector. The latest addition to this proud pantheon is - an app that rents out hotel rooms - you guessed it - by the hour! With 30 employees and 30,000 users they are already a serious operation and have secured €2.6m from Mediaset España, Labogar and Axon Partners amongst others. More info here (spanish)>

Uber scared

Last month we reported that Uber is coming to Barcelona. Sadly the backlash has begun. Lets see how the European Capital of Innovation responds. More info here>

A loraah walla’s!

Back in October we introduced you to Wallapop - the geolocalized flea market. Their community is now 1 million strong and growing. its addictive to scroll through the list of stuff available - I just bought a teenage mutant ninja turtles tshirt! Also they have a cool new advert. More info here>

Akamon rolls the dice
Akamon got in touch to tell us about their investment in a games studio in Israel and the appointment of Alex Cohen as their new Chief Product Officer. They have also reorganised themselves a bit with the Barcelona office remaining as the HQ, dedicated to developing social casino games. More info here>


Busy bees

Beeplay is a clever little app that gives companies looking for market research access to an instant, geolocalized crowd. Companies pay between €1 and €25 for users to perform tasks such as completing surveys or handing out flyers. They send a report on what they have done to Beeplay who then inform the company. More info here>

Stop licking the screen!

Everyone loves to see great chefs explain how they make their delicious creations. Split between Barcelona and London, Cookbooth aims to make it easier for chefs to create and share visual recipes giving all of us access to a tastier world. Now where did I put that lemongrass?! More info here>

Special Spaces

Like Airbnb except for spaces, PopPlaces is a nifty new initiative that connects people looking for exciting, interesting or different spaces with people looking to host events. Counting on the support of Akamon Executive Chairman Carlos Blanco, PopPlaces already has a range of amazing places available for your next big press conference! More info here>

Dear Agnes…
Our very own Hermes Pique has launched a new iOS notes app called Agnes. Its very swish, featuring to-do lists, in-line photos and lots more. More info here>

We haven’t featured a Barcelona Kickstarter project in quite a while so we were delighted to see that Modulo from IDAPT has already blasted past its stretch goal. Its a very clever take on the external battery that won prizes at CES. Get backing! More info here>

The Monthly Wrap


Previous Editions

Edition 1 - September 2013   featuring Marfeel, Typeform, 3scale and Similify, among others!

Edition 2 - October 2013 featuring Teambox, Restalo, Passwordbank, Scytl and many more!

Edition 3 - November 2013 featuring Trip4Real, Treevo, Silicon Barri, Wallapop, Honest and Smile and more!

Edition 4 - December 2013 and January 2014 featuring Audiosnaps, Kantox, Redbooth, iSegurosdeSalud, Wuaki, Instaroom, Bidaway and more!

Edition 5 - February 2014 featuring Lodgify, Infantium, Medprive, UppTalk,, Vilynx and more!

Edition 6 - March 2014 featuring eDreams, Onmidrone, Socialpoint, Knok, Brandcrumb, Rock Your Meal, Ohlalapps, and others.



The Monthly Wrap is brought to you by Barcelona IO and is written by@QuinnDonal

Largest Startup job Fair in southern Europe is Back. We are partnering with JobFluent again to put on the best and biggest startups job fair in Southern Europe here in Barcelona.

We are helping bring together the community to match talent and opportunity with the support of Universitat de Barcelona, facultat d’Economia i Empresa, Moritz and Barcelona Activa.

There will be over 30 companies with more than 200 hundred jobs on show. The companies will be looking for;

  • Development/Engineering: Web Developers, Mobile Developers, Software Engineers, QA/Testing
  • Design: Web Designers, UX Designers, Creative Directors
  • Product: Product Managers, Project Managers, Analysts
  • Marketing: Marketing Directors, Functional Specialists (SEO, SEM, Social media, PR)
  • Sales: Sales Directors, Business Development, Account Executives, Account Managers 

When: Wednesday May 21st, 6:00PM – 10:00PM

Where: Universitat de Barcelona, facultat d’Economia i Empresa, Avinguda Diagonal, 690, Barcelona 

Register: Free registration for job seekers

If you are talent looking to attend (For FREE + Beer) —> Go here

There are already 15 companies signed up including, Akamon, Devex, eDreams, Typform,3Scale, billy, UppTalk, Dexma, Localler, Trovit, Lodgify, WorldCoo, GetApp Mobile Jazz and ExoClick. We will be adding many more in the coming few days.

If you are a company looking to recruit —> Go here

Over tech 200 jobs from more than 30 companies all in one night in #Barcelona. We are delighted to announce the 5th Barcelona Startup Job Fair. cc: Moritz Barcelona Barcelona.IO

Spain hails eDreams Odigeo IPO as sign of recovery -

Not only is this hopefully a sign of recovery, however broader awareness of long term viable tech companies emerging from Spain. 

This is the first listing of a company that has been a vital part of the startup eco-system in Spain. Many of people bringing together the next batch of technology companies in Barcelona came through off the back of experience at eDreams and being on that growth path. 

We hope this is that start of something much bigger for Spain and the Barcelona tech sector. eDreams ODIGEO

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